Less than 2 weeks to go!

The Freqs of Nature site has been transforming and reaching toward a hermetic world of psychedelic wonder. Coming up to its second year of production, there is absolutely no sign of a lack in imagination or experience- even their first year created a legacy and has set expectations of excellence this year.

DSC_2984 DSC_2993 DSC_2975

The Freqs have had their priorities straight, being very well organised and resourceful. We are visited regularly by the head organisers filling requests for whatever we need to do our best work which has cultivated an encouraging community feel within the production group. In addition to that, we are very lucky to have a talented Italian kitchen master on site keeping us all well-fed (even myself, the royal pain in the ass with the awkward dietary restrictions, is satiated). However, it’s not all watermelon and beer-parties; while life on the site is free and relaxed it’s resolutely project-focused and working is the favoured pastime. Everyone emerges early from their tents/furnaces to lovingly continue their projects, winding down only when the moon rises with the mosquitoes from their watery abyss to dine upon our delicious blood.

DSC_2829 DSC_2963 DSC_2964 DSC_2967 DSC_2956

As you can see, the carpenters and construction workers are close to completing the foundations for the stages in order for the deco teams to work their magic this coming week!  Fresh faces are beginning to appear rapidly and I will be speaking to them about their ideas, developments and involvement. However, I will not spoil any surprises, you will just have to come and join us on the 4th of July, won’t you? 😉

Yesterday, 4 weeks into development, the staff banded together to deconstruct the beautiful fairytale Chill site due to external complications. But the spirit remains high and Kogaion Tribe and the “mysterious pond-builder” have displayed zen-like patience despite this random pitfall and have overcome the situation swiftly and smoothly. Some rare photos of this legendary land can be seen below:

DSC_2926 DSC_2921 DSC_2916 DSC_2884 DSC_2844 DSC_2864

(Any requests, please leave a comment!)


About freqs2013

I am an objective participant in Freqs of Nature festival, label manager (splatterkore.blogspot.com) and a journalist (http://www.sensanostra.com). I was inspired to story-tell and document the festival as I work on the pre-production. During the festival I plan record anecdotes of the people taking part.
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